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The Presidential Election’s Impact

October 21, 2016 •

The upcoming Presidential election has raised many concerns amongst individuals focused on their money. As a trader, it’s only natural that you be concerned about what happens with the economy. It doesn’t matter what your personal political affiliations might be, the election has a lot riding on it, whether it be a real boost (or danger) to the economy, or just a perceived one. For that reason you need to pay attention to what the poll results are saying and how the trading public reacts to them.

Taxes are one of the biggest concerns that most citizens have in the upcoming election. Hillary Clinton’s tax proposal would raise the tax burden on some individuals, but only on those making more than $1 million per year, where the tax rate would be at least 30 percent. Finish reading The Presidential Election’s Impact

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Euro Looking Bearish

January 11, 2016 •

Now that the Federal Reserve’s rate hike announcement is behind us, it’s time to watch what will happen in other markets, particularly the Forex market, where the U.S. dollar will most likely see some short term impact as a result of the decision. Logic would stand to reason that a rate hike would drop the stock price of many companies, driving down the price of major indices. This, in turn, would increase the price of the dollar as there’s a moderate inverse correlation between the S&P 500 and the USD. And now that the Fed hike is done, European markets are even trading higher, which drives down the price of the euro, for the time being. The stage seems to be set to go long on the USD, and short on the euro.

As all experienced traders know, it’s never this easy, though. There’s no easy way to say how long this will go on for, or even how long it’s already taken hold over asset prices. Finish reading Euro Looking Bearish

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