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Friday’s Sector Trends

April 28, 2016 •

Looking at sector trends at the end of a trading day on a Friday can help you to prepare for your coming week. Besides looking at the major winners and losers from the last day of the week, doing this shows you exactly what consumer sentiment is toward the sectors, and it helps you to have a point of comparison with any other data you can get your hands on over the weekend.

On Friday, February 26th, the market had some clearly distinct movement. The big winners were the energy and financials sector, moving up 0.89 and 0.46 percent, respectively. This is largely because of what’s going on with oil, and thanks to the fact that oil is apparently finding a new support point, and that that support line is a few dollars higher than it was a few weeks ago, the companies that are involved in energy, and those that finance them, are seeing some rising prices. Finish reading Friday’s Sector Trends

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